Portland Residential Garbage Rates for Single Family Residences

A complete list of all residential service level options and rates are available at https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps

Effective July 1, 2013

Every Other Week Garbage Collection Rate
20 gallon Mini-can * $24.75* 35 lbs.
32 gallon Can * $28.10* 55 lbs.
20 gallon roll cart $24.75 60 lbs.
35 gallon roll cart $29.50 85 lbs.
60 gallon roll cart $36.40 135 lbs.
90 gallon roll cart $43.30 175 lbs.
Every Four Weeks Garbage Collection
32 gallon Can * $21.75* 55 lbs.
35 gallon roll cart $21.75 85 lbs.

*Customer-provided garbage cans are being phased out and these sevice levels are generally not available.  Customers currently providing their own garbage cans are grandfathered in.

Additional Services Rate
On Call Garbage  (32 gallon can or bag) $9.05 per pick-up  (weight limit of 55 pounds)
Recycling Only, Weekly Collection $8.10 per month**
Compost & Recycling Only, Weekly collection  
$18.20 per month**

** Does not include regular garbage collection.  Customers with this service may call us to schedule occasional on-call garbage collection for $9.05 per pick-up.

Extra Hauling
Garbage- Extra 32 gallon can or bag $5.00 each
Yard Debris- Extra 32 gallon can, kraft bag or bundle
$3.75 each

Place items curbside by 6am. Please call our office at 503-281-8736 if you are unable to get your can to the curb.