Our residential customers with regular service, will be provided with a 60 gallon green Portland Composts! roll cart for your yard debris and food scraps collection. Place your cart at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on collection day for weekly pick up.


For a complete list of acceptable items and guidelines, go to


Helpful hints:

  • NOT accepted: Pet waste, plastic bags, "compostable" containers, treated wood, large branches more than 4 inches thick or 36 inches long, rocks, dirt, large amounts of liquids, grease or oil
  • Acceptable food scraps: meats, poultry, seafood, bones, dairy, bread, fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggshells, rice, beans, pasta, coffee grounds, plate scrapings, paper napkins, paper towels, coffee filters, tea bags, pizza delivery boxes.
  • Acceptable yard debris items: Grass, weeds, leaves, vines, small branches less than 4 inches thick & 36 inches long, pumpkins
  • Weight limit for roll cart: 135 lbs. (The container may break when lifted if too heavy. Wet grass, pumpkins and fruit can be very heavy)
  • Pack debris loosely so it falls easily from cart.
  • Limbs must not poke above the lip of the cart since this can be very dangerous for drivers.
  • Roll cart lid must close.
  • Lid opening must face the street.
  • Roll cart needs to be easily accessible from the street.
  • Roll cart must be at least one foot away from (and not behind) any object, including cars, mailboxes, trees, telephone poles and garbage containers .

What to do with extra compost:

  • Save it for your next collection day
  • Take it to a compost facility or leaf depot.
  • Set out an extra 32 gal. can, bag or bundle (for an additional fee of $3.75 each)


To set out extra you can use:

  • Brown Kraft paper bag (maximum weight: 45 lbs.) No food scraps in paper bags please
  • 32 gallon can labeled with a yard debris sticker (maximum weight: 55 lbs)
  • Bundle tied with string or twine (maximum weight: 45 lbs.)