Residential Garbage Service in Portland, Oregon

Residential Services

Residential garbage and recycling service in Portland is franchised. The City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability regulates the residential collection of garbage and recycling by the local companies. Each company has specific boundaries in which they can provide service to residences. ‘Residential’ is defined as any dwelling that is a 4-plex or smaller.

Rental Units

City Ordinance states that the homeowner of a rental property is responsible for providing garbage and recycling service with the designated hauler for the area. If you are a tenant in a rental home, your landlord MUST be the one to call our office to set up a new account or to make any changes to the account. If you are the owner of a rental property, you are responsible for calling to set up or change the garbage and recycling account.


The city of Portland’s OSD establishes service levels and rates. There are several service level options for garbage pickup. All regular garbage service includes weekly recycling and weekly compost collection. Please place all items curb side by 6 a.m. Please don’t obstruct the containers from view or place them in a way that makes them difficult to get to. All containers need to be separated by at least 12 inches. If you are unable to get your items to the curb, please call our office for additional help.

Get Started

If you need to establish service, cancel your service, or make changes to your account, just give us a call.

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