Recycling Strategies That the Average Business Owner Can Use

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Commercial recycling efforts reduce overhead costs, plus reduce the amount of waste that a business owner is faced with. This blog discusses repurposed materials and covers some commercial recycling strategies that the average business owner can use.

Discover Your Reusable Materials

Some of the main materials that can be recycled include glass, plastic, paper, and metal. However, you should always research material recycling options at your place of business, prior to seeking a recycling service provider.

Some of the recyclable materials that you have on hand may prove useful for future needs. For instance, plastic or corrugated containers could be used to store raw materials, documents, or other business essentials. Prepare a list of what can be reused.

Upon deciding what can and cannot be repurposed at your place of business, contact a recycling service provider. A service provider offers a range of disposal containers that are suited for storing garbage, recyclables, and composted materials.

Consider the Guidelines

Your service provider will outline guidelines that must be adhered to. These guidelines will list the types of recyclables that the service provider accepts. The guidelines will also outline the manner in which recyclables should be stored. The list below includes some of the recycling and storage essentials that your recycling service provider may advertise:

  • Approved materials: A service provider will only accept the materials that they have listed in the service agreement you sign with them.
  • Non-approved materials: Non-approved materials will need to be disposed of with standard waste (garbage).
  • Hazardous materials: Hazardous materials will need to be safely disposed of as outlined by the jurisdiction that your business is located in.
  • Recycling containers: The recycling service provider may offer a range of recycling containers that can be used to store a small or large volume of recyclable materials.
  • Other storage: A recycling service provider may offer dumpsters, waste receptacles, and composting containers that clients can use to store materials that cannot be recycled

Research the Waste Disposal Services

Before you sign your service provider’s contract, research all of the waste disposal services that your service provider offers. Recycling pickup, trash management, and composting disposal services will cost different amounts. And bundling the services that you need may reduce the overall cost that your provider charges.

Determine the amount of recyclables and other waste that is generated at your place of business. Then, pick out a service plan that will comfortably handle your company’s waste pickup and disposal needs

Sort and Store Your Items

Prepare a sorting plan. This plan should involve cleaning and separating the materials that are going to be picked up by your recycling service provider. As items are sorted, any materials that are not accepted by your service provider can be set aside.

Decide where to store the recyclables. Your service provider will specify the time and date when the recyclables will be picked up. They will indicate where you should place each storage container that you store recyclable materials in.

Regularly Revise Your Recycling Plan

Review your recycling plan on a routine basis. Each review will help you pinpoint how effective your plan is. If you ever take note of an increase or decrease in recyclable materials that are generated at your place of business, modify your contract with your recycling service provider. More or less recyclable material storage containers may need to be leased through your service provider.

Contact a representative of Portland Disposal & Recycling, Inc., for assistance with setting up or maintaining your recycling plan. We strive to help commercial property owners get a handle on the recyclables and the other waste materials that they generate.

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