Safe And Effective Dumpster Usage Strategies For Your Place Of Business

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The use of a rental dumpster will eliminate your need to haul off trash personally. This blog outlines some preliminary steps that you should consider when formulating a safe and effective way to store and dispose of trash that is generated at your place of business.

Know What Waste is Not Allowed

For safety reasons, certain waste materials, including flammable items and battery substances, cannot be allowed in traditional trash receptacles. If you work in an industry that regularly has hazardous wastes and other materials to dispose of, it’s wise to contact a dumpster or waste removal and recycling company to assist you in selecting the right receptacle for your needs. 

Consider How Much Waste Is Generated

If you haven’t filled a dumpster before, you may not realize how much space you will need for the amount of trash that is generated at your business. Take the time to assess the average amount of garbage that is thrown away on a monthly basis. Consider the size of the items that are commonly disposed of.

When consulting with a supplier, provide them with information about your company’s waste disposal practices. The supplier will suggest a waste receptacle that will adequately contain the trash. If you have no idea what type of waste you normally generate, give your dumpster supplier information about your industry. This will help give them the information they need to suggest the right dumpster for usage based on other similar clients they may have. 

Note: you can always upgrade or downgrade to a larger or smaller receptacle as needed. 

Having access to a container that is large enough will ensure that you can keep the container’s lid closed when it is not actively being filled. This practice will ward of pests and will prevent foul odors from escaping the waste receptacle.

Plan For Adverse Weather

Plan for adverse weather that could interfere with the manner in which your supplier empties the dumpster. If snow and ice are often experienced during the winter months, have shovels, rock salt, and other essentials on hand that will allow you to keep the area around the dumpster clean and accessible.

Seek Waste Reduction Strategies

Consider some waste reduction strategies that will guarantee that there is never a risk of your dumpster becoming overfilled before it is due to be emptied.

Composting and recycling are two ways to reduce the amount of trash your company generates. If you choose to implement these two strategies, consult with your dumpster supplier. Request information about other rental containers that can be used to store the composted materials and recyclables that you collect at your place of business. 

Keep The Disposal Area Clean

Prepare to clean the waste disposal area each time that the dumpster is emptied. The cleaning steps should include hosing off the inside and outside of the dumpster. If any waste spilled onto the ground when the dumpster was actively filled, use materials to clean up the spilled trash. Use a disinfecting agent to eliminate germs within the disposal area.

A clean and orderly disposal area will be safe for your trash pickup provider to access. You will also be eliminating foul scents that could make your commercial property unappealing to your customers, employees, and anyone else who visits the premises.

Acquire More Assistance

Now that you have considered some ways that you can devise a responsible waste disposal plan, contact a dumpster supplier. These specialists will ensure you get the best receptacle for your needs, budget, and time frame. A representative of Portland Disposal & Recycling can assist you with securing a dumpster that will be adequately sized for the amount of trash that your business generates. 

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